David Diebold

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White Rabbit by David Diebold & Kim Cataluna

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White Rabbit (Club Mix)
White Rabbit (Instrumental Dub Mix)
Last Word (On Love) (Extended Mix)
Dance Right Back Into Heaven (Club Remix)
Dance Right Back Into Heaven (Instrumental Dub Mix)
White Rabbit (Radio Version)
White Rabbit (Classic LP Version)

“Feed your head!”

This week’s installment of The Beat Bash will be posted on Saturday. In the meantime, I’d like to share this 12″, which appeared in an earlier episode.

David Diebold was an associate of Patrick Cowley who worked for the legendary Megatone Records, and in the early ’90s was running the label. He wrote the definitive book covering San Francisco’s golden years of dance music, titled Tribal Rites: The San Francisco Dance Music Phenomenon 1978-88 (good luck finding a copy – the cheap ones run $150). After collaborating on numerous Megatone projects, he released his debut solo album Sex Technology in 1990. It had a Hi-NRG sound which was dated even then, but featured a fairly faithful cover of Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit. While not all that remarkable, the subsequent Club Mix became a crowd favorite of The Metro’s afterhours, and in turn ended up on The Beat Bash.

Kim Cataluna handles the vocal on White Rabbit, and the remixes of Dance Right Back Into Heaven feature fellow Megatone artist Ernest Kohl.

The restoration job here was done by Bruce Bartlett, who remastered all the New Order singles for the Recycle project. Please to enjoy!

David Diebold

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The Beat Bash – 9 January 2014

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Hello by The Beloved
American Science by Duran Duran
Here To Go by Cabaret Voltaire
Primal Understanding by The Final Cut
White Rabbit by David Diebold
W.F.L. by Happy Mondays
You Me And Everything (Else) by The Shamen
Down In It by Nine Inch Nails
I Touch Roses by Book Of Love
Ace Love Deuce by Finitribe

“Each and every one of you, make it internal!”

It was not uncommon on The Beat Bash for a pop band like Duran Duran to rub shoulders with a much harder act like The Final Cut (with vocals provided by Chris Connelly, of Revolting Cocks/Ministry/Wax Trax fame – and formerly of Finitribe).

David Diebold

Show #42 – Bunny
(Original upload date 13 April 2006)

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Here Comes Peter Cottontail from 100 Songs For Kids
Killa Bunnies by Moloko
Rabbit Hole by Year Of The Rabbit
Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith
Black Rabbit by Turbonegro
White Rabbit by Airplane Crashers
Rabbit In Your Headlights (Massive Attack Remix) by U.N.K.L.E.
Nature Is Ancient (Rabbit In The Moon Remix) by Bjšörk
Rabbits by RTi
Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits by The Magnetic Fields
People Are Strange by Echo And The Bunnymen
At The Hop by Danny & The Juniors
Little Bunny Foo Foo by The Moldy Peaches
Bunnies by Pansy Division
Cornflake Girl (Live) by Tori Amos
Killer Rabbit from Monty Python & The Holy Grail
Cars With The Boom by L’Trimm
Devil Bunnies by The Thrill Kill Kult
White Rabbit (Club Mix) by David Diebold

A rabbit-themed mix originally done for my artist friend Nayland Blake, who’s work frequently incorporates bunnies. Check it out.