Electric Light Orchestra

Show #18 – Covered
(Original upload date 15 November 2005)

DOWNLOAD (40.8 MB, 128kbps, 1:28:44)

Never Say Never by Romeo Void
Everything’s Gone Green by New Order
Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads
Love Action (I Believe In Love) by The Human League
Kerosene by Big Black
Wise Up! Sucker by Pop Will Eat Itself
Can’t Get It Out Of My Head by Electric Light Orchestra
Let Me Give The World To You by Smashing Pumpkins
Tattooed Love Boys by Pretenders
Take Me by Kiss
Fashion by David Bowie
The Upstairs Room by The Cure
Let Me Entertain You (Live) by Queen
The Perfect Kiss by New Order
The Rainbow Connection by Kermit The Frog
American Freak by Pause

A collection of songs I either have or have always wanted to cover, wrapped up with an original by my band Pause (’98-’03).

Electric Light Orchestra

Show #8 – Xanadu
(Original upload date 11 October 2005)

DOWNLOAD (18.5 MB, 128kbps, 39:56)

Xanadu (Re-recorded 2000) by ELO
Dancing Olivia Newton-John vs. The Tubes (from the DVD)
Think About Me by The Tubes
Drum Dreams by ELO
Fool Country by Olivia Newton-John
Shine A Little Love by ELO
Amnesia (Live) by The Tubes
You Made Me Love You by Olivia Newton-John
Xanadu (Radio Mix) by Olivia featuring Paula

Most of the music recorded for the cult classic Xanadu which was left off the soundtrack album, plus a few others from the artists involved.