Show #60 – $50 Bill (Direct from London with Tim & Scott)
(Original upload date 3 November 2006)

PART 1 (53.4 MB, 192kbps, 38:46)
PART 2 (35 MB, 102VBR, 47:18)
PART 3 (48.6 MB, 160kbps, 42:22)

Anarchy In The UK by Simon Ritchie
Last Train To London by ELO
Kept My Mouth Shut by Skunk Anansie
Scared Of Girls by Placebo

Recorded in London on 26 October with Tim from Radio Clash and Scott from The Night Nurse Podcast. This show is in three parts – one uploaded by each of us.


Show #8 – Xanadu
(Original upload date 11 October 2005)

DOWNLOAD (18.5 MB, 128kbps, 39:56)

Xanadu (Re-recorded 2000) by ELO
Dancing Olivia Newton-John vs. The Tubes (from the DVD)
Think About Me by The Tubes
Drum Dreams by ELO
Fool Country by Olivia Newton-John
Shine A Little Love by ELO
Amnesia (Live) by The Tubes
You Made Me Love You by Olivia Newton-John
Xanadu (Radio Mix) by Olivia featuring Paula

Most of the music recorded for the cult classic Xanadu which was left off the soundtrack album, plus a few others from the artists involved.