Show #52 – A Tribute To Edith Massey
(Original upload date 7 August 2006)

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“I got somethin’ for your FACE, motherfucker!” from Female Trouble (1974)
Big Girls Don’t Cry by Edith Massey
The Swag by Link Wray & His Ray Men
“Eggman! Eggman!” from Pink Flamingos (1972)
Female Trouble by Divine
“…a sick and boring life!” from Female Trouble (1974)
” NO I don’t want no goddamn EGGS!” from Female Trouble (1974)
“Her Majesty, Queen Carlotta!” from Desperate Living (1977)
“Hi Stupid! Hi Ugly!” from Desperate Living (1977)
Polyester by Tab Hunter
“Don’t you know it’s bad luck…?” from Polyester (1981)
“Rah sha sha!” from Polyester (1981)
Punks, Get Off The Grass by Edith Massey
The Name Game by Divine

Bob co-hosts a tribute to our favorite actress, Edith Massey.