WRFL 88.1 FM Alumni Show, 16 October 2018

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WRFL 88.1 FM Alumni Show, 16 October 2018

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Kerosene by Big Black
Just Too Bloody Stupid by Close Lobsters
Planet Of Sound by Pixies
Digital Meltdown by Pop Will Eat Itself
Ambition by Velvet Elvis
Misinformed by Overhead
Somewhere by Scissor Sisters
Fait Accompli (Single Version) by Curve
The Upstairs Room by The Cure
Pity For The Self by Poesie Noire
Control I’m Here by Nitzer Ebb
If You Want by Depeche Mode
This Boy’s In Love by The Presets
Hot Doggie by Colourbox
Give Me Back My Man by The B-52’s
The Big Sky by Kate Bush
Feurio! by Einsturzende Neubauten
Now, An Explosive New Movie by Severed Heads
Love’s Secret Domain by Coil
This Corrosion (Single Version) by The Sisters Of Mercy
You Often Forget (Benign) by Revolting Cocks
Rise by Public Image Limited
Academic by New Order
September Song by The Young Gods

“I was born in this town, lived here my whole life…”

During a recent trip to my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, I had the opportunity to go back on the air at WRFL 88.1 FM for an alumni show. Co-host Brian Manke joined me for two hours of classic college rock (with a few new things thrown in), and reminiscing about my time at the station.

(Full disclosure: I didn’t mention this on the air, but I was in the band Overhead. The song Misinformed was written by Brian Fifield and myself, recorded and self-released in 1995. Brian is singing lead.)

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Locals Only

Show #20 – Locals Only
(Original upload date 27 November 2005)

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Ring by Pelce
What In The World by Velvet Elvis
No Answers In The Wind by Disdain
Misinformed by Overhead
Dateline Cambodia by Rabby Feeber
Take It All Away by Penis, Your Majesty
Soviet Dreams by Eyes Of An Icon
Anytime by My Morning Jacket
On My Dick! by U-Bitch
In Flight (Live) by V-Ger
Liars Beware by Richard Hell & The Voidoids
You Got Me (Babydaddy Remix) by VHS Or Beta
Return To Oz by Scissor Sisters

A collection of bands from the local, national, and international levels who all have ties to my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.