They Never Sleep

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The Beat Bash – 30 January 2014

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Chorus by Erasure
Tour De France by Kraftwerk
Attack Ships On Fire by Revolting Cocks
We Love You by OMD
Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back To My Room) by Paul Lekakis
Nemesis by Shriekback
Only Losers Take The Bus by The Fatima Mansions
Tears Run Rings by Marc Almond
Memorabilia ’91 by Soft Cell
Bite The Bullet by They Never Sleep

“Someone somewhere WAKE ME UP!”

Sorry this week’s mix is running late. I’m getting it in just under the wire.

I was laughing with my husband about it being unintentionally gayer than normal, what with Erasure, Paul Lekakis, and Marc Almond twice. Tears Run Rings is the track I wanted to build this mix around, and I went through three entirely different sets before arriving at this one.

Revolting Cocks is my favorite Wax Trax band, and the Fatima Mansions remix is a promo-only done by Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto – it’s actually my favorite remix he ever did for anyone (including himself).

They Never Sleep

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Bite The Bullet by They Never Sleep

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Bite The Bullet (Submission Mix)
Bite The Bullet (Instrumental)

“The whole world’s crumbling, and we pick this time to fall in love…”

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, this week’s installment of The Beat Bash will be posted on Saturday. As a teaser, I’d like to share this 12″, which is considered one of the Beat Bash classics.

Little is known about They Never Sleep, although I have a sneaking suspicion that Barry Harris was involved. They were a Canadian band with mysterious names like Neves Silva and Asia Minor, and only released this one single, which is 9-plus minutes of HI-NRG in the mold of New Order’s The Perfect Kiss. It was released independently, and I can’t imagine many copies were pressed, but the song found a wider audience when Kon Kan covered it in a jazzy style on their debut album.

The restoration job here was done by Bruce Bartlett, who remastered all the New Order singles for the Recycle project. Please to enjoy!