Underworld Vols. 1 & 2 – The 50 Pound Note Mixes

Underworld Vol. 1 – The 50 Pound Note Mix
(Original upload date 10 September 2007)

DOWNLOAD (103.8 MB, 192kbps, 1:15:31)

Peggy Sussed (Pete Heller Vocal)
Vanilla Monkey (Martinez Hungry Ghost Mix)
JAL To Tokyo (Paul Woodford Vocal)
Play Pig (Wighnomy & Robag Wruhme Moosmutzel With Melody)
Mmm…Skyscraper, I Love You (Razormaid! Mix)
Beautiful Burnout
Cowgirl (Futureshock Mix)
Born Slippy .NUXX (Atomic Hooligan Mix)
Play Pig (Pig & Dan Re-mix 3)

Underworld Vol. 2 – The 50 Pound Note Mix
(Original upload date 10 September 2007)

DOWNLOAD (97.2 MB, 192kbps, 1:10:42)

Dinosaur Adventure 3D
Kittens (Live in Japan ’99)
Two Months Off
Push Upstairs (Darren Price Remix)
Jumbo (Original Mix | Rob Rives & Francois K. Main Dish)
Moaner (Live in Holland ’99)
Doot Doot (Extended Mix) by Freur

“All these things…in me…”

I meant to put these together in November of last year when I returned from London, having snapped up the five limited edition 12″ singles of remixed tracks from the RiverRun series of downloads, but I’m glad I waited.

The first mix contains six songs most people haven’t heard: Peggy Sussed, Vanilla Monkey, JAL To Tokyo, and Play Pig, all of which come from those singles, along with Crocodile and Beautiful Burnout which appear on the forthcoming album Oblivion With Bells.

The second mix contains two live versions that were made available by the band in 2003, and a little piece of history: Doot Doot. At the dawn of the 80’s Karl Hyde and Rick Smith came out of Wales with a 5-piece nu-romantic group that had an unpronounceable squiggle for a name, later revealed as Freur. I remember seeing the video for Doot Doot on MTV, and I even ended up with a copy of the album. I don’t think anyone at the time could have predicted they’d go on to become critically and commercially loved pioneers in electronic/dance music, soundtracks, film/video, and print media.

“Your thin paper wings…dangling…dangling…”

Past>Forward Vol. 2 – The 50 Pound Note Retro Mix – The Metro, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Past>Forward Vol. 2 – The 50 Pound Note Retro Mix – The Metro, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
(Original upload date 18 April 2007)

DOWNLOAD (77.3 MB, 192kbps, 56:12)

Walking Away (SMD Mix) by Information Society
Bizarre Love Triangle (12″ Version) by New Order
True Faith (Morning Sun Remix) by New Order
The Different Story (Razormaid! Mix) by Peter Schilling
Losing My Mind (Disco Mix) by Pet Shop Boys
Das Omen (Razormaid! Mix) by Mysterious Art
Strangelove (Pain Mix) by Depeche Mode
Join In The Chant (Burn!) by Nitzer Ebb
Theme From S-Express (US 12″ Mix) by S-Express
Crucified (The Nuzak Remix) by Army Of Lovers
I Sit On Acid (Mixin’ Up The Acid) by Lords Of Acid
Welcome To Paradise/Headhunter (Razormaid! Mix) by Front 242


Located at 156 W Main Street in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, The Metro was in operation from roughly 1990 to 1993. It came third a succession of gay-owned bars (Cafe LMNOP, Great Moments) that appealed to a mixed crowd, and played alternative dance music. During regular hours it was a lesbian bar but on Friday and Saturday nights from 1:30 to 4:00 a.m. DJs Chad and Joe would spin bands like Depeche Mode and New Order for an 18-and-up crowd that was a mixture of gay/straight/male/female/white/black/young/old. During the fall of 1990 it became the first gay club I’d ever set foot in, a full year before I turned 21.

I was already DJing a dance music show on the college radio station, which then approached the bar to have me do an industrial music night on Thursdays. I got to know Joe and Chad and within a year I was regularly filling in for them on Saturdays, too.

This is the first of two mixes that capture the sound of those nights. By the tail-end of 1991 James Brown Is Dead came along and suddenly techno wiped away melodic, song-based dance music. I started DJing at The Bar in May of 1992 so my Metro days came to an end.

I hope someone from the old crowd finds this mix; I’ve not seen any of them in many years.

As a side note I’d like to add that I had a lot of trouble recording this mix. I had to do it five or six times due to repeated technical difficulties, and it made me laugh because these are the songs I learned how to DJ with, and it was like my skills had reverted to that beginner level all over again. I should have left a great big train wreck right in the middle of it for old time’s sake.

Past>Forward Vol. 1 – The 50 Pound Note Retro Mix

Past>Forward Vol. 1 – The 50 Pound Note Retro Mix
(Original upload date 28 March 2007)

DOWNLOAD (81.8 MB, 192kbps, 59:29)

Big Strong Man (Wild Boys Remix) by Tanz Waffen
Cccan’t You See (Razormaid! Mix) by Vicious Pink
Always On My Mind (Razormaid! Mix) by Pet Shop Boys
You Think You’re A Man (12″ Mix) by Divine
Homosapein II (Icon Mix) by Pete Shelley
Give (Dance Mix) by Missing Persons
Knocking On Your Door (Mark Saunders Remix) by Erasure
Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat
Rush Hour (7th Heaven Remix) by Jane Wiedlin
Keep In Touch by Re-Flex

“Well keep in touch, won’t you?”

After spending several years doing a dance music show on my college radio station, in 1995 I switched over to an early Saturday morning shift and began Past>Forward which explored the history of electronic music. Beginning with Edgard Varese who is considered the godfather, I sought not to explore just dance but all forms of electronic music. Did you know that in 1967 The Monkees were the first band to use a commercial synthesizer on a pop record? With the success of Wendy Carlos, Gershon Kingley’s successful single Popcorn and Kraftwerk’s Autobahn the listening public gradually became aware of synthesizers but the watershed moment (for me) would have to be Donna Summer’s I Feel Love, created by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte in 1977. The melding of affordable synthesizers and sequencers with disco rhythms would give birth to an explosion of danceable pop bands all through the ’80s, which brings me to this new series.

Based on our mutual adoration of Vicious Pink’s Cccan’t You See, my friend Denny asked me to put together a retro mix for him to listen to at the gym. I thought this would be a good excuse to bring back the Past>Forward name and create a mix series that pays tribute to the music that made me want to be a DJ in the first place. While there may at times be some crossover between this series and Kiss The Future the bulk of Past>Forward will be songs released between 1980-1990. I’ve also considered doing an all-disco mix (pre-1980), and I’ll have a chance to focus on specific labels like San Francisco’s Megatone Records which raised the bar for high energy dance music.

Most of you will be familiar with all the artists in this first mix. Re-Flex is the same band that did The Politics Of Dancing, and their only LP (sharing the same title, released in 1983) was a strong early influence on me. Keep In Touch was the last song on the album. The one artist here that almost no one knows is Tanz Waffen. The name is German and translates as “dance weapon” but the band was actually a male/female duo from Austin, Texas. Big Strong Man was their only official single (although other songs were released by the Razormaid! remix service).

I liberally borrowed “past forward/passed forward” as a name and concept from a Die Krupps singles compilation released in 1991.

Depeche Mode – The 50 Pound Note Violated Mix

Depeche Mode – The 50 Pound Note Violated Mix
(Original upload date 18 January 2007)

DOWNLOAD (80.5 MB, 192kbps, 58:34)

Kalied (7″ Version)
Policy Of Truth (Capitol Mix)
Enjoy The Silence (Ewan Pearson Extended)
Happiest Girl (Razormaid Mix)
Dangerous (Hazchemix)
World In My Eyes (Razormaid Mix | Cicada Mix)
Sea Of Sin (Razormaid Mix)
Clean (Colder Version)
Personal Jesus (Holier Than Thou Approach | Pump Mix)
Halo (Goldfrapp Remix)

I have long wanted to do a mix of the old & new singles/B-sides/remixes from Depeche Mode’s Violator album, and along with the Erasure and Nitzer Ebb mixes found in these pages I consider this the third part of a Mute Records trilogy.

Erasure 1986-1995 – The 50 Pound Note Mix

Erasure 1986-1995 – The 50 Pound Note Mix
(Original upload date 17 January 2007)

DOWNLOAD (84.6 MB, 192kbps, 1:01:30)

A Little Respect (12″ Vocal)
Love To Hate You (Paul Dakeyne Mix)
Oh L’Amour (PWL Funky Sisters Say ‘Ohh La La’)
Supernature (William Orbit Mix)
Rage (Vitamitavegemix) by Erasure & Lena Lovich
Star (Trafalmadore Mix)
Drama! (Act 2)
Fingers & Thumbs
Always (Microbots Trance Dance Mix)
Chorus (Aggressive Trance Mix)
Blue Savannah (Razormaid Mix)
You Surround Me (Remix)

Cabaret Voltaire 1983-1991 – The 50 Pound Note Mix

Cabaret Voltaire 1983-1991 – The 50 Pound Note Mix
(Original upload date 9 January 2007)

DOWNLOAD (94.4 MB, 192kbps, 1:08:36)

Here To Go (Extended Mix)
Sensoria (Razormaid MIx)
Don’t Argue (Dance Mix)
Yashar (Remix)
Kino (12″ Mix)
What Is Real (Virtual Reality Mix)
Don’t Walk Away
Keep On (Razormaid Mix)
Hypnotize (Razormaid Mix)
No Name, No Slogan by Acid Horse (Ministry vs. Cabaret Voltaire)
Sex, Money, Freaks (Kevorkian Mix)
Easy Life (Jive Turkey MIx)

Dead Or Alive – The 50 Pound Note “Rip It Up” 2006 Mix

Dead Or Alive – The 50 Pound Note Rip It Up 2006 Mix
(Original upload date 29 December 2006)

DOWNLOAD (103 MB, 192kbps, 1:14:47)

Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness)
Brand New Lover (Dust Monkey’s Love Bubble Club Mix)
Hooked On Love (Razormaid Mix)
Love Toy (Instrumental)
In Too Deep
Come Home With Me Baby (Deadhouse Dub)
Lover Come Back To Me (Extended Remix)
My Heart Goes Bang (American Wipeout Mix)
Unhappy Birthday (12″ Remix)
You Spin Me Round (Razormaid Mix)
Something In My House (US Wipeout Mix Part 2)
Sex Drive (Direct Hit Mix) by Glam featuring Pete Burns
Turn Around & Count To 10 (Razormaid Mix)
I’ll Save You All My Kisses (The Sonia Mezumbda Memorial Mix)

Reworking Dead Or Alive’s Rip It Up album is something I’ve always wanted to do. While the material is unimpeachable the (at that time) state of the art digital edits were poorly timed and now sound very dated. In 2001 I started putting material together for a redo, and while this version isn’t as polished as what I’d envisioned, I’m still pretty happy with it.

When I had a regular DJ gig I was always frustrated with DOA’s remixes because they’re noisy and messy, making them difficult to mix in/out of. Even some of the edits crafted by Razormaid suffered from timing problems, so while I’ve listed the particular version of each track I used, nearly every one of them is actually my own edit.

Apart from the eight singles on the original album I’ve added six others: Turn Around & Count To 10 appeared on Nude in 1988 and was a #1 single in Japan for 17 consecutive weeks (The band has scored 17 #1 singles in Japan). Come Home With Me Baby was also on Nude, as was Love Toy, but Love Toy only appeared as a bonus track on the Japanese CD (and has never been available elsewhere). Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) and Unhappy Birthday first appeared on the Japanese-only album Fan The Flame (Part 1) in 1990, and while Unhappy Birthday subsequently appeared on Nukleopatra in 1995, Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) has never been available in the US. Sex Drive was written and produced by the Italian dance trio Glam in 1993, and was also included on Nukleopatra.

I call it a 3-way tie, but my favorite DOA tracks are Hooked On Love, My Heart Goes Bang, and Lover Come Back To Me.

When I first traveled to England at the age of 17 (summer of 1988) I had one of those yellow waterproof Walkmans with an auto-reverse feature, and I listened to Rip It Up on a loop for the entire trip. It was somewhat fitting then, when, on this last trip, my friend Laurance gave me the ornate, blue metallic paisley-covered shirt he wore to see the Youthquake tour in 1985.

Pete Burns has never been a man of tact. Read some of his quotes on the band’s Wikipedia page for a good laugh.

PS: I had DOA’s DVD Evolution: The Hits running in the background while working on this mix, and it’s obvious Pete was a fashion whore for Vivienne Westwood in the early days. In a TV appearance from 1980 he’s wearing one of her necklaces made from chicken bones, and in an appearance from 1982 he’s decked out head to toe in clothes from her Buffalo collection: oversized top hat, rags tied into his dreadlocks, a cardigan with buttons made from tin can lids – think Haysi Fantayzee, The Belle Stars, and “dressin’ like a hobo.”

New Order Vol. 1 – The 50 Pound Note Mix

New Order Vol. 1 – The 50 Pound Note Mix
(Original upload date 10 October 2006)

DOWNLOAD (83.8 MB, 192kbps, 1:00:54)

Bizarre Love Triangle (Richard X Remix Full Length)
5 8 6 (Razormaid! Mix)
Everything’s Gone Green (Martin Buttrich Remix)
Jetstream (Jacques Lu Cont Dub)
Krafty (Riton Re-Rub Remix)
Confusion (Koma & Bones Remix)
Someone Like You (Futureshock Vocal Remix)
Guilt Is A Useless Emotion (Bill Hamel Vocal Mix)
The Perfect Kiss (12″ Version)

Nitzer Ebb (Older) – The 50 Pound Note Mix

Nitzer Ebb (Older) – The 50 Pound Note Mix
(Original upload date 11 September 2006)

DOWNLOAD (84.9 MB, 192kbps, 1:01:4)

Backlash (Remix)
Warsaw Ghetto (Original 12″ Mix)
Ascend (Remix)
Hearts & Minds (Mix Hypersonic)
Shame (Mix 1)
Join In The Chant (Burn!)
Fun To Be Had (The George Clinton Mix)
Getting Closer (The Kitchen Mix)
Control I’m Here (Razormaid! Mix)
Let Your Body Learn (12″ Mix)
Get Clean

Severed Heads 1984-1994 – The 50 Pound Note Mix

Severed Heads 1984-1994 – The 50 Pound Note Mix
(Original upload date 24 July 2006)

DOWNLOAD (80.7 MB, 192kbps, 58:36)

Goodbye (50 Pound Note Mix)
Estrogen (50 Pound Note Mix)
All Saints Day (Razormaid! Mix)
Hot With Fleas (50 Pound Note Mix)
Propeller (50 Pound Note Mix)
Contempt (50 Pound Note Mix)
Greater Reward (50 Pound Note Mix)
Bad Times Four (50 Pound Note Mix)
Heart Of The Party (50 Pound Note Mix)
Dressed In Air (50 Pound Note Mix)

Severed Heads was Australia’s longest running electronic band when Tom Ellard pulled the plug in 2008. I was heavily influenced by their experimentation with tape loops, samples, and homemade electronics – I even have a tattoo of the Bulkhead album sleeve on my arm. These Razormaid-style re-edits were done by myself in 2000 with Tom’s blessing.