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I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to the readers of Joe.My.God. – thanks for dropping by!

This is a brand new website that’s only been live for a couple of days (although it holds an archive dating back to 2005). There are still a few details I haven’t finished up, such as linking to my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Please have a look around, download, and share. Most of you will probably be interested in dance mixes, so please select Kiss The Future from the dropdown in the right-hand menu, and you’ll find a collection of mixes that spotlight the music I play when I DJ out. Scroll down this page just a bit and you’ll find one that was uploaded two days ago.

Special thanks to Joe Jervis for inviting me to participate in his mix series!


Welcome to 50 Pound Note.com.

50 Pound Note/£50 Note ran as a podcast from 28 Sept 2005 until 26 Feb 2008 and logged an impressive 116 shows. They split into two different categories – hosted, radio-style shows, and music-only mixes. The best of those shows – 77 total – are now preserved here.

The original website was 50poundnote.net, a very simple site with hand-coded HTML. Since then I’ve secured the current domain, which is running WordPress.

In the 2-plus years since my last upload I’ve gotten married, become a regular DJ for Bearracuda SFO/PDX/SEA, and held a residency at 440 Castro. I let this show fall by the wayside as I was doing more real-life DJing, but I’ve missed sharing the music that excites me with a broader, global audience. I’m happy to be back.

You can get a look at some of my playlists here.

Special thanks to Dave O. and Tim B. for helping to get the site up and running.